whole muscle plant-based meats, that are better for you & the planet.


Emergy Foods provides whole muscle, nutritious plant-based meats - for healthier people and a healthier planet.


Emergy Foods has done what many said couldn’t be done: create plant-based proteins that have the taste, texture and nutrition profile of animal-derived meat. Furthermore, Emergy’s plant-based meats have the nutrition and fiber of vegetables.

Not only are they a clean and healthy meat alternative, they are a sustainable way to produce and consume protein. 

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Emergy Meatless Cuts


Emergy’s plant-based meats are made from only a handful of natural ingredients, are minimally processed and free from the top 8 food allergens. They contain all essential amino acids, making them a nutritious, complete protein.

Actually, they are a more high-quality protein than real meat, with just as much iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. In fact, Emergy plant-based meats contain more grams of protein and fiber, plus less sodium per serving than current meat and plant-based products in the market.


For Food Manufacturers:

At the forefront of the Plant-based protein revolution


At Emergy Foods we strive to make nutritious plant-based meats that are accessible and can be enjoyed by everyone! That means sharing the love. For food manufacturers, Emergy offers a range of next-generation protein ingredients. Non-soy, non-wheat, non-pea with no off tastes or colors, they are also — uniquely — high in fiber and protein with a PDCAAS score of 1.

Truly meat-like in taste, appearance and texture, they require fewer binders and need no coloring or masking agents. They make superior, alternative meat extenders, and can also be used in applications like nutritional bars, fortified breads, snacks and confectionery items. Our proprietary ingredient production is scalable, capable of being distributed through the US. It requires less supply chain complexity and risk than conventional pea protein.